Robert Heller is a serial entrepreneur. After finishing college and spending a short period as a technician for NCR Corporation, Robert spent a number of years in retail and marketing with an international retailer. After moving from England to Canada, Robert started his own software development company which he subsequently grew into a business consulting firm. During the consulting firm stage Robert was also engaged in the development of a loyalty card program startup and an Internet Services Provider startup.

In early 1997 Robert recognized the opportunity to leverage AT&T technology into everyday use and it was this that spurred him to establish Merlin Software Technologies which he quickly took into the digital surveillance arena, ahead of the market and a year before 9/11. After another technology startup initiated with Robert Murray, and a brief hiatus from the technology arena, Robert moved to Los Angeles to take a CIO position at a manufacturing company.

Robert met Allen Hepworth in 2001 while running Merlin. When Allen & Roger Frew determined they needed someone to help them take the H-Box portable Hockey activity to market Allen approached Robert and Robert, after a years due diligence and discussion with Robert Murray, founded ISC.

Robert lives 30 minutes North of downtown Los Angeles, California, with his wife.